Surface Mount Ferrite Beads
Our line of ferrite beads are comprised of several material types, frequency characteristics and a board range of impedance values to provide noise countermeasures for various applications from radiated noise suppression in computer or printer interfaces to mobile devices requiring lower power consumption. Some models offer 4 line (or 3 line) action in one chip for mounting with higher density and efficiency. In addition, we offer a series of beads for broadband, upper MHz range, and GHz range applications

High Impedance Ferrite Chip Beads (ACB)  ACB_Main_2.jpg (3366 bytes)

Ferrite Chip Arrays (ACA)  ACA_Main_2.tif (15948 bytes)

Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads (FCB)  ACB_Main_2.jpg (3366 bytes)

Film Capacitor Array (FCA) 

High Current Ferrite Chip Beads (HCB)




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